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Your Kelly Tooke bag is made of the finest leather, which is carefully and meticulously tanned using specialized processing techniques that have been perfected over generations. This results in the soft, waterproof Kelly Tooke leather you've come to love.

​we have two types of leather finishes. Full-grain for our darker leathers (black, chocolate and burgundy), and buffed for our lighter leathers (natural and olive).

To keep your bags looking and feeling like new, follow these simple instructions:

For our full-grain leathers: use a delicate leather cleaner that is alcohol-based (making it evaporate quickly). Next, evenly apply a conditioner back into the leather.

For our brushed leathers: when cleaning, brushed leather should be treated the same as suede.  Use a light abrasive brush or 400 grit sandpaper and spot-clean.


Should your bag be in need of professional help, we're happy to clean it for you! We offer full cleaning and refinishing services from our headquarters in Houston, TX. Simply click below to get started.

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