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"KELLY-TOOKE SoHo Satchel Handcrafted Luxury"

The SoHo Satchel by KELLY-TOOKE features handcrafted luxury and style you can take with you wherever you go. The Texas-Inspired brand finds its’ roots in repairing and restoring designer handbags until the Kelly family was compelled to create their own beautiful handbags that are not only stylish but built with impeccable quality. Read More>>

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"The Perfect Bag for Multitasking" 

I’m a huge multitasker, I mean, we all are right? There’s nothing more that I love than a beautiful bag that’s actually big enough to carry everything. Enter, Kelly Tooke. I became obsessed with this brand when I heard its story, decades ago the Kelly family joined a century’s old family business where they became expert shoe-crafters. It was because of this that they eventually became leather experts and gained the understanding of specialized tanning and craftsmanship techniques and what would make for the finest products. Every Kelly Tooke piece is unlike the other because their leather is never corrected, its unique qualities are preserved to embrace their natural beauty. Read More>>

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Tazia Lynne

"Travel Essentials with KELLY-TOOKE Bags" 

When I travel, there are essentials I never leave the house with. A Kelly Tooke bag is one of those things! Made with waterproof leather, this duffle goes everywhere with me! It fits perfectly as a carry on and gives me a little extra wiggle room when I’m overweight on my checked luggage. Read More>>

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Sophisticated Whimsy

"KELLY-TOOKE: Village Shopper" 

I’ve been so excited to sit down and write this post because I’m newly obsessed with a brand and had to share it with you – Kelly-Tooke Handbags! If you’re following along on Instagram, then you’ve probably seen a few posts mentioning them. But you guys. These bags are to die for! Each bag is handcrafted from full-grain or brushed leather, which provides exceptional quality and durability that you can’t find just anywhere. Read More>>

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To Be Simply Happy

"KELLY-TOOKE: The Perfect Traveling Companion" 

Hello friend!  As if packing a family of four in record time wasn’t enough anxiety-filled torture in getting this family across the pond to spend the summer in France with family, the last thing I had on my list was to find the perfect travel companion that would hold everything I needed to get me thru the 24 hours of airport sitting – security line standing – 11+ hour flying – 3 hour layover – car riding adventure.  I’ve done my share of business travel, and have had some international vacations in my time, so I knew the things I wanted to take to appease me thru this “travel adventure” (insert sarcasm here!), but I didn’t have anything in my closet that seemed to fit the bill of both function and style … Until I found KELLY-TOOKE! Read More>>

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